Losing Weight With A Stationary Bike

I am a big fan of using a stationary bike for weight loss. It has very little impact on the joints and can be done by people in almost any physical shape.

Plus, it is a workout that is done in a seated position, so for those of us who do desk work and have tight, short muscles, this workout allows our body to burn categories in the position that is most beneficial for our current state.

(In case you were unaware, the body tends to shorten muscles when you sit for too long. This can cause all sorts of injuries if you start a too aggressive exercise routine.)

On this video, there is a pretty inspiring weight loss story about the weight loss that a girl experienced through 8 weeks of cycling around Thailand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlewUldqiAY

She started off by cycling about 220k per week and then scaled it up from there, cycling over 380 km on some weeks.

The body transformation is nothing short of amazing.

It might be harder to replicate the same workout on an indoor bicycle since you won’t have the motivation of riding around to new locations.

To give you some idea, you would likely need to ride for 3 hours per day to achieve her dramatic weight loss.

Keep in mind that in Thailand, fast food is hard to find. You eat much more rice and fruit and fresh vegetables. Undoubtedly these dietary changes are essential if you want rapid weight loss.

Of course, you don’t need expensive equipment to start your weight loss journey. You can grab something from a garage sale or a used fitness equipment place.

Also, keep in mind that regular fitness is just one part of the equation.

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