Schwinn Airdyne AD3 Review – Should You Get The AD4 Instead?

What I hate about this bike is that when you search for the Schwinn Airdyne AD3, the results that come up are a list of part supplies and youtube videos on how to repair one.

That’s concerning since the Google algorithm is focused on providing customers with the best possible results for their answers.

I’m not finding any AD3’s for sale, either. It is apparently very similar to the AD4 (still available to purchase) since they both use the same owner’s manual.

If I were guessing, I’d say that the AD4 was a slightly better model and the AD3 was just provided so they could sell something at a lower price point through select box stores.

The biggest observable difference between the AD3 and the AD4 was that the AD3 had an analog display console while the AD4 used a digital one.

That is pretty common in this industry. A company like Sears will have a big brand cut a few corners and give them something they can sell that is just a little lower quality, but that looks like — and on paper it has — all of the same features.

This fitness bike does not look to be as well constructed as many of the hardcore CrossFit machines that are currently popular. So if you are a buff dude, go easy on this guy, ok? The linkages look thinner, and it appears that the arms might not hold up as well.

However, it is likely going to weigh less and, and for the stay at home mom or nerd, this could provide a decent device for a daily, low-level workout.

Really, I like the digital display, but if you run across an AD3 and can get it for a good deal, I can’t think of a reason to not do that. The only downside is that if the analog speedometer breaks, it might be harder to repair, where with the digital system it should pretty much keep working so long as you feed it new batteries regularly.

Keep in mind that even though the Schwinn name has been around for decades, they are an entirely new company today than they used to be. So I wouldn’t over pay for one of these. But you might be able to find one used and that would likely be well worth it.

If you are serious about your sport, I would upgrade to the Schwinn AD6

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