YBL Nordictrack GX 2.5 Sport Exercise Review

The Nordic track might be one of the most popular brands in all of the fitness industry. Gyms and households around the globe fight over their products.

One of the things that sets these guys apart is their innovative creation of new products. While everyone else is fighting over stairclimbers and treadmills, these guys will combine them both into one machine and add skating bars to it for good measure.

There no “inside the box” when it comes to Nordic Track; just new ways to challenge your body.

If you aren’t getting enough of a workout on your current machine, then you need to check out these other options.

Most of the market is fighting over how to make the best indoor cycling bike and arguing over whether it is best to have the flywheel in the front or the back.

NordicTrack isn’t worried about all of that. They have built a stationary bicycle and mounted a computer on it. You have unlimited adjustability so you can get the ideal fit. Beyond that, don’t expect any bells and whistles.

And they provide it all for a very affordable price.

The computer measures speed, distance, time and how many calories were burned.

I like these models because they are good for both long-distance workouts, as well as for shorter, more intense workouts.

Their model versions have a lot of overlap, so you might not be purchasing this exact model, but pretty much any model you go with will be excellent. I have yet to meet a Nordic Track product that I don’t find to be valuable.

These cycles can help you burn up to 600 calories (some people would advertise as much as 900!) per hour. So for the serious fitness aficionado or dedicated weight loss effort, this is a solid bike to add to your home gym.

The next level is their Grand tour series. They manage to create a workout bike for much less than the competition. It has an adjustable tablet holder and all of the electronic workout tracking that you would expect from a top of the line machine.

Expect to spend a lot more money on the Grand Tour version.

An unexpected feature of this bike is the wide range of resistance adjustment. You can set this up for super-easy spinning, or crank it down so tight that it is almost impossible to pedal when standing up.

Whether you want to work on your long distance endurance, build a faster sprint, or increase your power on the climbs, this bicycle has everything that you need.

The most important thing is picking a bike that will hold up to your workout. You need to be motivated to ride the bike, and if yours is constantly breaking down, it can hamper your desire to ride consistently.

Many of us are tight on space when it comes to storing our workout equipment. This one has wheels on the front so you can easily move it from room to room. The flywheel is 45 pounds, but, because of the small wheels under it, you only need to lift about 20 pounds to move the entire bike.

A five-year warranty backs everything. The 90-day parts warranty is a little lightweight, in my opinion, but it is a better brand than most, so the chance that you will need repairs is probably less than the competition.

You are limited to 205 pounds maximum user weight on this one, so if you weigh more than that, you might want to upgrade to a stronger bike for safety reasons (although, I , personally might risk it).

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