Cycleops Phantom 1 Stationary Bike

Inside the cycling circles, Cycleops is one of the most well-known brand names.

They have a hard-earned reputation for creating some of the most reliable equipment in the industry and stand behind their creations with a robust warranty.

Most of their products have been cycling-specific. So they would offer a line of bike trainers that you could connect your bicycle to for an indoor workout. They are also one of the last companies to still create bike rollers for those athletes that want a realistic training experience indoors.

Recently, they have been crossing over into the more mainstream fitness offerings with their line of indoor stationary bikes.

The flywheel itself is 48 pounds which substitute well for recreating real world rolling resistance. It allows you to coast, and turn up the resistance for standing climbs. You can also sprint from a stop, for those leg burning speed drills.

These machines are only offered in high-end models. You could put any of their machines inside a gym, and they would have the durability to hold up to the daily grind of sweaty gym attendees.

Which means they’ll hold up quite well to your daily workout grind.

The Phantom series has a rear-mounted flywheel. This offers a more realistic ride than front-mounted flywheels and also moves all of those critical moving parts out of your “sweat zone.”

The idea with this design is that these bikes will last longer.

The one downside with this model, compared to the other Phantom models, is that it lacks all of your workout tracking abilities. Even with the Phantom 3, you can have their Patented PowerTap wattage measurement system that hones in your workout (especially when combined with a heart rate monitor.)

However, if you do go with the optional upgrade kit, it will give you the Joule 2.0 computer and a heart rate strap for displaying your heart rate, speed, and cadence — critical measurements for tracking your workout at home, in my opinion.

The Joule 2.0 gives you a large screen display with two large buttons, making it easy to navigate even during the sweatiest part of your workout.

The joystick also lets you select the screen setting you need. It takes a little finagling to work with, but becomes intuitive on the 3rd or 4th ride.

It is a low power device and gives you about 60 hours of run time.

Many folks will want to upgrade to one of the models with more features. The ANT+ can also allow integration with many other Bluetooth devices that to create cross-platform integration with devices like Garmin and Suunto.

Many devices are of such poor quality that they shake and are unpleasant to use as part of a daily workout. You find yourself limiting your workouts simply because of the machine creaks and shimmies.

With the Phantom 1, you get a model that is designed for the intermediate to an advanced athlete in mind. Even if you prefer running or are a swimmer, this is a cardio option that can transform your winter from dreariness to beauty.

Initial reports are very positive on this machine with it being favored by road-dedicated athletes who want an off-season bike. We are also starting to see a few gyms pick them up, however at this price point; most gyms go for a front-mounted flywheel to save money.

They had some earlier models like the 100 and the 400 pros. This one is designed to address some of the earlier complaints in a similar rear-mounted flywheel package.

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